Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Track Of The Day #3

Sonz Of A Loop Da Loop Era (a.k.a. Danny Breaks) - Breaks Theme

From Wikipedia.....

"Breaks, real name Daniel Whidett, is a drum & bass DJ, producer, and record label owner from England, also known for his experimental instrumental hip hop production and early music career as breakbeat hardcore artist Sonz of a Loop Da Loop Era.

Whidett began recording under the alias Sonz of a Loop Da Loop Era during the early 1990s for now defunct record label Suburban Base, notably attaining a UK Top 40 hit with Far Out in 1991."

Hmm, so whadafuk is dis guy doing on dis blog?

Well, tucked away on the Flowers In My Garden EP is a track which slows the bpms down to a head-nodding level and gives Danny a chance to get back to his hip hop roots.

This song uses the famous Gangbusters break from the film Wild Style and drops some nice scratches over it such as Nice & Smooth, Sly & The Family Stone and MC Marvellous.
The rest of the EP is real hardcore breakbeat with a touch of jungle and a little rave-like but all tracks contain a good ratio of hip hop breaks (Lord Finesse, Fresh Prince, Main Source) and I would thoroughly recommend you seeking it out if you're a fan of the faster tempo.

It's not uncommon for a 'dance' act to have their roots in hip hop. Well, possibly not as much these days and possibly more often in the UK. Another which springs to mind is The Prodigy and it's musical genius, Liam Howlett. Liam used to perform in a little-heard UK hip hop group called Cut 2 Kill back in the mid-Eighties and although they had a few successful singles, he was cut out of the deal. He then concentrated on the Essex rave scene which was in it's early days.

I'd be very interested in hearing your views on this particular track as it seems to be treated like, to quote MC Serch, a step-child. The rave-scene think it's too slow and the hip hop crowd think it's shite because it's by a drum n bass producer.

Listen to it here.


d1111s said...

Just had a listen to Breaks Theme 1 for the first time, dont think it got much if any play on the pirates of the day, the tune of 'Flowers In My Garden LP' which did smash it up all over the place and an old fav of mine is 'Skratchadelikizm'

check me for links

Benzini said...

I'm not surprised it didn't get any airplay as it was an odd track to include on a hardcore EP. I love it to death though. And 'Skratchadelikizm' is probably my 2nd favourite cut. The way he uses that 'Fakin The Funk' sample is just damn brilliant.

d1111s said...

Check out Dantronix on [SUBBASE 33R] 'Sonz Of A Loop Da Loop Era -Session Two', at 5m 50s it switches style a bit

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