Monday, 16 November 2009

Derek B - Bullet From A Gun (1988)

As a mark of respect here is Derek's debut LP, Bullet From A Gun.

Bullet From A Gun 5:41
Bad Young Brother 3:58
Power Move 4:05
Human Time Bomb 5:21
All City 4:21
Get Down 5:36
We've Got The Juice 4:37
Alright Now 5:00
Good Groove 5:52
Success 4:49


Ghost Gunna said...

You can get the full album with bonus tracks and in lossless here:

rt said...

One of my favorite albums of all time. I'm from the states and when i saw the bad young brother video on yo mtv raps i went to every record store to find this, i wore the cassette out i played it so much. r.i.p.

Repo said...

Thanks for stopping by, rt.

This album divided a lot of UK heads. Personally I liked it and whilst it didn't break new ground, it was certainly well-produced.
Derek was a really nice guy as well, no ego. A real shame.

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