Monday, 16 November 2009

Song I.D. Needed!

I was sent this mp3 from RUSE ONE who is trying to identify the track.
I've no idea myself. The only clues we have are that it is from a Westwood show from 1989.
At one point there is a Marley Marl scratch but it doesn't sound like him on the mic.
Someone must know this. Leave a comment with any knowlwdge you can drop.


Anonymous said...

All there is is a white box?
No play button or download link

Ben The Ageing B-Boy said...

You should be able to see a mini player with a PLAY button and volume.
Trust me, it's there! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Ok cool i think my pc was buggin. Don't know the track but Marley Marl used the beat in 3rd bass's remix of product of the environment.
I'll ask somebody hold up.

Anonymous said...

No he doesn't know either. Soz mate.
I was gutted gutted gutted to hear about Derek B.
I googled Derek B and a few down it says video results for Derek B and the on the left is a UK hip hop documentary. Have a look at Dave Pearce rockin the mullet. Funny as.
Also has Derek B in session. Paul.

Waxer said...

Damn B that's mega sad news about Derek B, scary innit? That's our ballpark age! Anyway, this track, I never heard it before but I can post it up and get some feedback... also, just an idea, if you open a dropbox account ( ) you can just drop mp3s in the public folder, copy the link & paste it in FB and anyone can just play it straight from the post... I'll get this up and see what happens!!!

Ruse One said...

Just sent Westwood an email asking what the song is...

Shame about Derek B

Ben The Ageing B-Boy said...

@ Ruse One: Nice one, but if Westwood's got any ounce of honour left in him then he may have something a little more important in his priorities today, if you know what I mean :/

Ben The Ageing B-Boy said...

@ Waxer: It's just so unf*cking unbelievable and unexpected news. Really makes me cautious about my health as a family friend died on Friday of the same thing. Bad times.

I'll look into the dropbox gadget. Anything to make life easier!

Anonymous said...

I think it might be an early Tragedy (Intelligent Hoodlum) track which didnt make his first album.

Anonymous said...

....or maybe it was Craig G. Its definately a Juice Crew track from 89 though.

Anonymous said...

G the RapperTear/CalieBan
"they can't get with me"
it's a demo that never made the In Control album.

p.s.Supreme Dominion said...

yeah, i agree with anonymous above, same as that other cut by Unit3 "here it is", never made it to the album either..shame.

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