Saturday, 21 November 2009

Westwood - You Absolute Arse

Just flicked on the radio - well digital channels on the tv - to catch a bit of Westwood on BBC Radio 1. Not to listen to any of his music you understand but to see if he would mention Derek B.
Well, after this man dj-ed in and around the same circles in the 80's as Derek and even featured together on Night Network's N-Sign Radio in 1988 both making and promoting British hip hop, this absolute arse of a man gave the grand total of 10 seconds to dedicate his feelings.
I say feelings but that's wrong. Completely. He merely passed on the news. He didn't express his sadness nor did he feel compelled to play one of Derek's tracks.
Now, I only listened to the last 15 minutes so maybe he did more earlier in the show. But from the sound of it the way he gave the news was that he had only just announced it there and then.
This guy is dispicable. Does he have absolutely no morals or ties to his original people? Does he think that now he broadcasts to a mostly different audience that they wouldn't be interested in hearing this news? Does he not think that by having so many people looking up to him that he should announce the passing of a legendary figure?
Or is it that he just couldn't care less?

I've lost a lot of respect for Westwood over the years and maybe I should've expected this but it still doesn't excuse it.

On the flip I've got to give big props on The Beat Genius for providing 2 hours of solid UK old school hypeness in the form of his weekly show on as well as playing homage to Derek the way it should be done.
And big shout to Waxer who was in the chatroom where we both had a good time wagging our chins to some choice music.


shitboyfriend said...

yeah surprised westwood didnt give more props

Ruse One said...

He still hasn't replied to my email..... He was at a nightclub in Maidstone back in 89 doing a set. We stole some cans of coke from him and he spent 5 minutes complaining over the mic about it... From turntable 1 to turntable 2 my arse. Anyone know why he used to change his voice every few months?

Anonymous said...

Eclectro: I think maybe it's his age-he's just 2 old.
No seriously,he sold out years ago 2 all the gun rap. Either that or he was 2 busy cueing his siren & gunshot effects & trying 2 be 'cool'(4 someone in his 50's anyhow!),or he was 2 busy on the fone 2 his agent about new 'Pimp My Ride UK'.
Saying that,i put something on Waxer's site 4 me that was in the comment bit,but i didn't even put in a RIP-I was 2 busy agreeing with what Waxer put. As i nearly in my 40's that's my excuse,& attention problems(i drift off!)!

Anonymous said...

imho westwood sucked balls from the start, just another white middle class dude pretending he's down with the kids (insert for reals here), you really shouldn't give the guy the column inches, and whilst derek b wasn't top of my playlist at the time i could never imagine diminishing his undoubted contributions to the uk hip hop scene.. rip derek. eat a bowl of dick up westwood!

Anonymous said...

Westwoods Show is garbage..I lost all respect for him years ago..All he does is chase the latest trend..Pile of shit..
I was saddened by the new of Derek B passing,and so i played a bit of a Derek B tribute on my radio show last week..Feel free to check it out....CRF

Anonymous said...

I just watched this recent clip of him on youtube:

he comes across as a right dick head, i thought he was ok until i watched this, gimp

btw, the guys he is interviewing are probably the most talent producers out there at the minute

Flex said...

RIP... At least Kevin Beacham gave him a good tribute....

Ben The Ageing B-Boy said...

@Flex - nice find.

Ghost Gunner said...

Derek gave a shoutout to Westwood on his track "Get Down" & even thanked him on his album's liner notes.

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