Monday, 2 November 2009

Itchiban Scratch & Batman?

A few of us have been chatting about original sound samples ("the cuts not the breaks") over here at and one of the subjects that came up was Chris 'The Glove' Taylor's "Itchiban Scratch".

First Irish Craig mentioned that he'd love to know the origins of the track adding that he thought "a Jan & Dean surf record is in there somewhere". After a bit of research he comes back with a pic of the album cover of "Jan & Dean Meet Batman", feverishly posting it twice in his barely uncontrolled excitement.
Hmmm. Soon enough, the man Ramses hits us up with a little taster from the album in a track entitled "The Joker Is Wild" where we can witness
our first sample sans The Glove. Kapow!
I pick up the baton and give it big legs by getting busy on the internet like Broderick in War Games and sniff out a cheeky little link to the aforementioned album.

I smack the oshh bitches up with my proud linkage before I've barely heard the album myself. Then I proceed to have a man-cry whilst hearing a wealth of hidden beauties such as "Henry", "Have a cookie", "Hoshneecoeedo, doyshnot!" and many others whilst listening to the album soon afterwards.

I recommend getting yourself over to this particular thread because it's one of those 'where have I heard that movie dialogue before' things that you can learn from and importantly expel your own knowledge to.

Listen to "Itchiban Scratch" below and download it here

Listen to "The Doctor's Dilemma" from Jan & Dean Meet Batman. Spot the samples!

Download the rest of the Jan & Dean album here

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Anonymous said...

How the fuck these oddities ever get committed to wax is beyond me though, this is some bonkers shit right here.Just as well they do 'cause those Itchiban Scratch samples jus' leap out at ya, DOPENESS!!! Big up for this one.

Anonymous said...

super bad..

Kold K said...

All those years....and I thought those vocal samples were picked from all different sources. This is crazy...but that Jan & Dean LP is some mad-ish. Cheers for the heads up.

Lovegrove said...

Jesus Christ man... this is great. First Electro cassette (yes, cassette) I ever bought (well, strictly speaking my Mum bought it for me) was Electro 7 and Itchiban Scratch became an instant favourite which I still love to this day.

I've often wondered about these cuts, and here you have presented them to be on one big plate.


Anonymous said...

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I've often wondered about these cuts, and here you have presented them to be on one big plate.

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