Wednesday, 6 October 2010

MC Lyte iz a honey.

MC Lyte, 2010

MC Lyte, 1988

I recently discovered that MC Lyte is actually one hell of a hottie.
She turned up on my Twitter page the other day and her profile pic caught my eye when I clicked to enlarge it and get a better look.
Having not really checked her since her appearance in the Self Destruction video back in '89 I was pleasantly surprised to learn that she has accrued fine wine status and is indeed improving with age.

Far be it for me to brandish the word 'milf' on anyone, I could certainly understand if she was to be awarded this status by any less-than-savoury types. I mean, look at the difference between the two pictures taken 22 YEARS APART.

Hubba, hubba, my Eyes Are certainly On This as I wonder how Paper-Thin her smashing blouse must be. I imagine to myself that maybe I could even introduce her to Mrs Repo as MC Lyte Likes Swingin'.
I'm picturing the scene now, I ask her Can You Dig It? But she won't give it up and I tell her that I Cram To Understand her but she refuses to engage in any discussion.
Undeterred I ask her nicely to Take It Off but she tells me to Shut The Eff Up which I take unkindly to as I thought we were going to Cha Cha Cha. She looks surprised as she claims to have Never Heard Nothin' and makes a beeline for the door.
I tell her, baby just Stop, Look and Listen and explain how fine she lookin and all. I attempt some sweet talk and instead just blurt out Let Me Adem like I got a bad case of Tourette's and I go and try to Put It On her which is the last straw for Lyte as she decks me.
As she walks away she calls out that the least I could've done was buy her a drink first, maybe a Cappucino or something.
And then she's gone, leaving me to nurse my wounds and I carefully bandage my Ruffneck.



Jaz said...
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Jaz said...

haha classic, nice one Ben, Lyte is a hottie and mad talented as well.

Ben said...

Cheers, Jaz. It was like one of those thunderbolt moments when I first saw this pic. Let's say I have a new-found admiration for her now. Not that I'm shallow or anything ;-)

Cuddles said...

Dear Mr.136

I refer to the above post, in which you refer to the rapper known as "MC Lyte" in a manner, which quite frankly, should only be for top shelf publications. The readers of this filth should be ashamed of themselves. If it was 1985 when this post was made, the "ABU" publication would be found between such publications as "Razzle" and "Escort". Or under a hedge.

I hope you are aware that corrupting the minds of people like me (I was as pure as the driven snow until I stumbled across your site while searching for Asian boys). It is sites like yours that are dragging the internet down and I hope you are pleased with yourself.

I would like you to send any semi clothed/naked pictures of MC Ltye, or any video or images of her involved in sexual conduct, preferably with middle aged balding white blokes with a slight gut, with a penchant for speedos to the following address for "processing":

Schnoogly Boom Boom McCutiekins public safety, censoring & sexual decency office,
West Midlands
PO Box 8ACE.

I hope this will be a lesson to you and any ideas of future smut should be sent to us first. And any other links to debased pepper grinder style videos.

Regards, Cuddles. (Chief public decency office for Mr.McCutikins).

Repo said...

That was 5 years ago. She's probably a skank now. But nowhere near Sparky D territory. Hopefully.

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