Sunday, 17 October 2010

Superfly Productions Presents On The DL Vol 2

Superfly Productions Causing Eruptions......

Some more history.

Around 1996 after the dust had truly settled after JUICE (see here) I embarked on a new venture, Superfly Productions.
This would be a series of cassettes with mostly my own stuff and other classic and obscure hip hop, funk and comedy skits on them.
Let me think what else was on that label......

Eric B & Rakim - The Lost Interview - This was a phone interview, complete and unedited, between Eric and HHC journalist, Malu Halasa. Interspersed at random points (although random's the wrong word) were rare remixes of Eric & Ra's tracks.

Delirious - This was an audio of Eddie Murphy's masterpiece concert from 1982. I think I chucked some DJ Noize performances on the back of this.

Cheesy Beats - A rather lame title in retrospect but this was one of my favourite tapes I ever did. It was a collection of great funk tracks and breaks interweaved with some of my favourite film snippets.
I'll be putting this up soon for download.

DJ Slam & His Adventures In The Old Skool - Yes, I spelled it "skool". Oh dear. DJ Slam was yet another non-de-plume and I think was short-lived. Basically this tape was a collection of b-boy breaks cut and scratched by me, er, or rather DJ Slam.

As I remember there was a concerted effort to get things a bit more streamlined and soon I devised a regular newsletter entitled 'On & On Like Popcorn'. This would've been around 1998 when I got my first PC.
Jeez, then I used to mess around with E-Jay Hip Hop. I'm glad I haven't got any of THOSE efforts knocking around ;0)

Original Zephyr tag!

I was in touch with the legendary writer, ZEPHYR around this time and was all set to start selling some of his products such as Tee's and custom skateboard decks. Unfortunately this never transpired but I got some cool stickers off him as well as his tag.

Oh, and keep it under your Kangol but there never was a On The DL Volume 1. This was done in order to hype sales. I told everyone that due to demand all the copies of Volume 1 had been sold and weren't to be re-pressed, therefore it'd be in your own best interests to grab Volume 2 lest it goes the same way.
Didn't work, though. Ballbags.

I've split all tracks into separate MP3's and uploaded as one ZIP file. Go and get it NOW!

One of many copies of the original cassette inlay - thanks to my local library's colour copy machine and bewildered old lady librarian


Download On The DL Volume 2 here


stylewarrioruk said...

In case you didn't know, the Starsky & Hutch theme tune was done by Tom Scott.

Ben said...

Yes indeedy, LG. Another couple of scorchers I've discovered over the years from the man are Sneakin In The Back and the classic Pete Rock beat, Today.

stylewarrioruk said...

Yeah, Sneakin' is a fierce tune... sample-heavy... Caveman I seem to remember. I think I must have about 12 different versions of the S&H theme tune by various artists knocking about... was a bit obsessed for a while!

stylewarrioruk said...

Just listening to this now... like the way you're still rocking the comedy samples in your ABU podcasts... keep it real.

WaxonWaxoff said...

Yo B gotta say man I think we were either separated at birth or married for 20 years in a previous life or other dimension! Your scratches on this tape are soooo similar to mine at that time that with a memory like mine someone could say they were mine and I'd just agree, seriously, your mixtape style really reminds me of me! Perhaps one of us needs to go in a booth with headphones on while Derek Batey asks you probing questions about me!

Anyway, I thoroughly enjoyed this and I do not say this lightly ladies & gentlemen, prepare for a funk bomb dropped onto a comedic background nestled with a fine array of sound bites and gently laced cut & paste... considering the age of this and the technology available, knowing the sources of the sound bites, I know a lot of effort went into this, and this shizzle's for free??? Do these kids understand?

Repo136 is definitely son-of-steinski/step brother of Eddie Murphy and this tape represents his ill behaviour... highly recommended download and hope he gets more out of the box! Respect.

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