Tuesday, 12 October 2010

The Second Ageing B-Boys Unite! Podcast

We're ready to roll on the second show.
Yes, due to the phenomenal demand from all the listeners of the debut podcast we're back again.
Massive thanks to everyone that contacted me or left a comment about the first one.

I've included some listeners' requests in this show as well as plenty of classic hip hop and electro joints.
There's a smooth break in this month's Funk Trunk courtesy of a listener's request - we're talking 'Kiss In The Car' here ;0)
A lounge cover version of a gangsta track, retro ads and even a strange record featuring your very own Jimmy Savile.
What's not to like?!

Tracklisting below but cover your eyes if you want a surprise...keep your eyes on the prize...while I hypnotize... I tell no lies....er...er...when I go to McDonalds I like large fries....my favourite Main Source joint is Snake Eyes....er....erm.....at Christmas I enjoy mince pies...... you get the picture.

Double Dee & Steinski - Lesson 2 (1986)
Public Enemy - Burn Hollywood Burn (1990)
Man Parrish Featuring Freeze Force - Boogie Down (Bronx) (1984)
Davy DMX - The DMX Will Rock (1985)
Bobby's Boys - Bobby Can't Dance (1987)
MC Shan - I Pioneered This (1988)
3-V - Heart Of The Beat (1984)
Comedy Skits - Chris Rock / Eddie Murphy
Original Concept - Can You Feel It? (1986)
N.Y.C. Cutter - D.J. Cuttin (1985)
Stetsasonic - Just Say Stet (1985)
Jimmy Savile - Jingle Jangle
(The Funk Trunk) Love Unlimited Orchestra - Strange Games & Things (1976)
Richard Cheese - Gin & Juice (2004)
Bomb The Bass - Beat Dat (Freestyle Scratch Mix) (1988)

Listen to it direct here

Or download it here to your chosen media listening device.

If you want to get involved in future shows or have any requests then drop me a line.

If you have Skype I can record you directly and you can appear on the next show due to the wonders of technology. Just think of a track you like and (if I have it!) a reason of why you like it then we're good to go.


Anonymous said...

LOL... look around you... now why didn't I think of that?!

Anonymous said...

Bloody hell Ben, I just choked on my coffee and got it all over my keyboard with the Eddie Murphy bit.

Anonymous said...

LOL, that Jimmy Saville tune was a favourite here at work a while back... top stuff.

Ben said...

Eddie Murphy's Delirious has never been far from me since I first watched the video in the late 80's. Some of the material is quite dated but most is timeless stuff.

Mt Wattuk Hunt said...


It is with regret that I must warn you of the closure of your website. I'm afraid the content of this podcast is quite frankly disgusting.

I was quite happily listening to this rebel rousing music and applauding you for reversing profanity so as not to upset the elderly and the children amongst your listeners.

I was therefore appauled at the unedited phrase, "F*** around with this and get a mud hole stomp" uttered from a rappers' mouth.

You should feel ashamed that such vile language is included in your otherwise excellent and refreshing podcast. I cannot make my elderley father unhear this language and I will present this issue to the board of website closure.

I trust you'll filter any future broadcasts from this foul language.

Best, Mr Wattuk Hunt, Shropshire.

Son of Mr AW.Hunt (Deceased) said...

My father has now died from the onslaught of filth flarn, filth flarn, filth.

I hope you are happy with yourself.

Ben said...

It is with great regret and a heavy heart that I am privy to the knowledge that one of my fanbase has sadly carked it.
The next podcast will surely reflect a change in attitudes and I will endeavour to indeed "stomp a mud hole" in this terrible profane-ridden culture that hip hop undoubtably is.
Expect The Third Ageing B-Boys Unite! Podcast - The Top 40 Pop Rap Happy Happy Rainbow Edition coming to an internet browser near you.

Yours, Repo 'Language Of The Guttersnipe' 136

ramses3rd said...

Another top-notch show Ben. Great track selection, I think it must be scientifically impossible to get tired of hearing Boogie Down Bronx and Burn Hollywood Burn, plus that Love Unlimited track was frickin wonderful.

Liking all the dialogue snippets and drop-ins, it must take forever to piece the show together but it's certainly worth it. (spookily enough I also used a Spectrum loading noise on one of my tracks, the nerd in me has to ask - what game is it from?)

I did find one part of the show disappointing though: if you are going to use "comedy" voices to imitate your listeners, please be prepared to do your research beforehand - that idiotic cockney accent you gave me makes a mockery of the rich velvety baritione that is my actual speaking voice. Anyway, I'm sure it's all a big misunderstanding and we'll say no more about it.

PS: Is that the rubbish Lionel Richie head from the Hello video I can see on the poster for this podcast? Genius!

Ben said...

Ho, ho, ho.... apologies, Ramses, for the attempt at mimicking your voice in a 'Points Of View' circa 1995 stylee. Actually you should think yourself lucky as I did contemplate using Tarbash The Egyptian Magician from The Jerky Boys as my main inspiration ;0)

And yes, that IS Lionel!

martinlfinch said...

Another sureshot show Benzini, well pieced together & expertley executed..!

It`s nice to listen to a RAP show with a bit of humour & light entertainment, you`re putting the `fun` back into hip hop in these `screw face` times ;o)

As per, a great selection of tunes (thanks for playing my request) that got me rockin` like it was 88` again. I feel it`s only right that when i listen to your podcasts, that i get into the moment by donning my kangol, cazals & dookey gold chain.

By the way B, i`ve just recognised my `boat` on the podcast poster, fame at last ;o)

Bring on the next installment...


vollsticks said...

I haven't listened to it yet but is that Joey Deacon on the cover?!?!?

Ben said...

@vollsticks - you're on the money there, dude. It certainly is.
Our favourite mocking figure from yesteryear!

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