Saturday, 23 October 2010

Waxer's Brand-New Funky-Ass Logo!

It was meant to be a surprise. It was going to be the big New Year present to everyone.
But just like a kid with a spanky-new 50 pence piece clutched in his sweaty hand given to him from his Gran or even Def J, he just couldn't save it.

But that's good news as we can all feast our peepers on this absolutely lush logo which has been exclusively designed for Waxer's Disco Scratch site by master craftsman, Duce.
Not only is it the rebranded DS website logo but it will also adorn all DS projects from now on which is no bad thing.

Speaking of Disco Scratch, the latest show is available for download from the site and it's a flippin' corker.
This week Wax concentrated on the DJ as the main focal subject and dished out a load of classics such as King Kut, Girls Love The Way He Spins, The Manipulator, My DJ (Pump It Up Some) and so much more.
There just HAS to be a part 2 because there are so many more cuts that can be included in that list; although most of my personal favourites were played which made me grin like a special kid eating a 'large' 99 on a hot day.
And a track was even dedicated to yours truly; Kid Frost - Terminator, which is undoubtedly in my top 5 records of all time.

Get over to Disco Scratch and get your copy here.


Baldy O'Hare said...

looks like a winner to me.

ramses3rd said...

Very nice... and is that a Jammy Dodger in his hand???

Websta said...

Yep, love it, top quality logo.

Fireflyhex said...


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