Thursday, 12 January 2012

B-Boy Records Blog Website

A little while ago someone posted a link in the old c-box about a B-Boys Records blog which had EVERY record in the catalogue. Stupidly I never Bookmarked it and the c-box was removed (by the owners, not me).
I can't remember who posted it - WARZ...? WARLORD...maybe? - but if you remember please could you send it to me again.
Big, big thanks!!


WARZ OuB/EggheadZ Kru said...

It was Warlords blog, mate. It used to be here.... http:/

I reckon you've missed the boat on that one, he's closed the blog down.

Lord Summerisle said...

aaaaagh ballbags! I remember looking through it and thinking I really should start grabbing them.
Oh well, ya snooze, ya lose!

Cheers anyway Warz!

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