Tuesday, 17 January 2012

MC Shan Vs Marley Marl....?

There seems to be a little bit of an upset between two members of the Juice Crew going on at the moment which you may or may not be aware of.
It apparently all started with that Master Ace video and Shan only got round to actually watching it after someone recently posted it on his Facebook wall.
Shan took offence to Ace's knowledge of the circumstances surrounding his no-show at The Symphony recording for which Ace subsequently went ahead to participate on. For those that didn't know, it's been a common belief that Shan never turned up on the day the recording was supposed to take place and so Master Ace took his place, going on to start off the song as none of the big-hitters wanted to be first.

Like a say, "a common belief" and not necessarily the correct one. So, what MC Shan has done is put the record straight but in the process has ruffled Marley Marl's feathers and caused the great man to come out with his own video.
Shan then hit back at Marley although to be fair, he is not dripping with venom as he could've done but still brings some home truths and claims there's no beef and that they're both "agreeing to disagree".

At the time of writing, Marley has come back with a response claiming he's cool but not happy with the fact Shan showed a (badly Zeroxed) birth certificate to camera and would rather have preferred a 'report card'.
He then ends by shakily claiming that the whole video thing was a set-up by them both. Really?
Hmmmm, we continue.....

However if after you have viewed their performances and are still not any the wiser as to who is right or wrong then try viewing this video on Shan's parenting. Suffice to say it's not easy viewing for any parent and he should be thoroughly ashamed of himself.

N.b. If any more responses happen to pop-up then I shall add them to the below list.

Respect to Craig for bringing this whole shebang to my notice.

Video 1 - Shan

Video 2 - Marley

Video 3 - Shan

Video 4 - Marley

1 comment:

Agent Finch said...

Love the way Shan comes across, even Marly was impressed. Very articulate about his facts, that`s why Marly was kinda back tracking with his response.

Maybe the beginning of the JUICE CREW WARS :o) hahaha.

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