Friday, 27 January 2012

January 2012 ABU Takeover Show - DOWNLOAD

Here it is folks, our first show of the year.
Two new features this month:

Album Spotlight: Choose an album which has a particular place in your heart and send me two of your favourite tracks. Contact with your choices.

Demo Trail: Do you have some old demos on 4-track, DAT or vinyl? Digitize to mp3 or WAV and post them in to 1980's and early 1990's stuff preferred.

All this and the rest of the usual baloney.

Right-click on the link and 'Save as...'if you want to download the show to listen later.

If you left-click it should just play the show automatically.

DOWNLOAD January 2012 ABU Takeover Show DSR69

Tracklist in the usual place.....i.e. Comment Box

 p.s. the first track I played after the ABU intro ('Young Scene' by Keith Mansfield) has a particular significance with the edition of the show being #69. Can anyone guess what the link is...?


Lord Summerisle said...

01 BDP - Jack Of Spades (Live)
02 BDP - My Philosophy (Live)
03 Def Tex - Freaks
04 Brand Nubian - All For One
05 Derek B - Bad Young Brother [Steve Ett Mix]
06 Ugly Duckling - Everybody C'mon
07 Apache - Gangsta Bitch (Original Version)
08 Alan Hawkshaw - It's All About the Co-Op Now
09 People Under The Stairs - The Next Step II
10 Jeru The Damaja - You Can't Stop The Prophet
11 DEMO - Kulture School - Down To Earth
12 Spectrum City - Lies
13 D.E.F. & DJ 3D - Def Momentum
14 Unknown DJ - 808 Beats (Club Mix)
15 L.A. Dream Team - The Dream Team Is In the House!
16 Marley Marl & Craig G - Duck Alert
17 Main Source - Looking at The Front Door [Alternate Version]
18 Main Source - Just a Friendly Game of Baseball
19 DJ Noize - Two Deck Mix #III
20 Third Sight - Beat Biters
21 Dennis Coffey - Getting It On '75
22 Isaac Hayes - Hung Up On My Baby (Three Tough Guys soundtrack)
23 The UMC's - Never Never Land
24 The Beatnuts - World's Famous
25 JVC Force - Strong Island
26 Tom Tom Club - Wordy Rappinghood
27 Madness - Night Boat To Cairo
28 Def Jef - On The Real Tip
29 Gunshot - Battle Creek Brawl

ramses said...

Hey Ben, can't download the show, the link takes me to a Quicktime page where I can listen to the show in real time but can't download it. Is there a problem with the link or am I just being thick?

Lord Summerisle said...

Nope, you're not the one being dense, that's me.
I'll make an amendment to the post....

What you need to do is right-click on the link and 'Save as...'if you want to download the show to listen later.

If you left-click it should just play the show automatically.

It's all a bit strange at the moment until a decent file-sharer becomes evident. Until then I'm hosting the shows myself on my own server. The upside is that they appear to be faster when downloading. Which is nice.

ramses said...

Supreme action Ben. Nice to see you getting on the Library tip, love that Alan Hawkshaw track (and the PUTS offshoot), be interested to know the Young Scene/69 link, couldn't come up with anything myself. Excellent playlist as always, paricularly the Ugly Duckling, DJ Noize & UMCs tracks. And I loved that Isaac Hayes track so much I promptly went on Amazon and ordered the album! Wordy Rappinghood was a nice surprise, I always considered it a fairly throwaway tune at the time but really liked it this time round. And thanks for the Fresh and Fly reminder! What next - the Gr Hi Kids Carrier Bag??

As far as classic albums are concerned my vote goes to Black Sheep's A Wolf In Sheep's Clothing, difficult to name two tracks in particular but I'll go for Have UNE Pull and The Choice is Yours (either mix). Thanks again for the dopeness!

Lord Summerisle said...

Hey Mark, glad this show had an impression on you to order some Bald Man funky stuff!
Yeah, that Wordy Rappinghood tune is definitely so much better now than it was. I've actually played it out a couple of times in the last year and the dancefloor really gets hot. Its amazing how this track is slept on.

Thanks for the Black Sheep choice as an album spotlight. Great choices for a great album that sadly gets overlooked when people talk of the Native Tongues.

And as for the 'Young Scene' track and the 'Show #69' connection, well I was rather hoping someone might've spotted it as it makes me out to be a rather sad purveyor of skin flicks.
Well..... as a younger man than I am now I once courted a young lady and remember finding a selection of interesting VHS 'art' films stashed away in her dad's cupboard.
It soon became apparent to me whilst watching the video that there was a particular song that was used as an introduction to a series of films called Color Climax; ergo Keith's Young Scene.
Bearing in mind the nature of the films and the Podcast's particular show number and I'm sure the link is staring you in the face, so to speak.

I am at this moment collecting my coat......

ramses said...

Now there's a name from the past. I believe I also watched the occasional tape from that series (and also an Electric Blue volume that required 3-D glasses!) You should have nicked them - there's big money in early 80s video smut these days!

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