Sunday, 26 April 2015

Ageing B Boys Unite! Takeover show - April 2015

Waxer takes over the ABU show that takes over the Disco Scratch show! 
2 hours of old records, soundbites from the past, opinion & chat to a Hip Hop soundtrack...
Big, big, big respect to my man Waxer for taking my baby and corrupting it into this parallel universe version of the usual ABU show.
It was quite strange to be tuning into the show and not having any control over the content nor not knowing what to expect. But all worries were soon lost after the first few seconds while Waxer reached back into the days of yore and stole samples from previous shows, music beds, drops and just about whatever else he could get his creatively-criminal hands on.

Where else would you ever find a takeover show of a takeover show?
Disco Scratch. That's where.

Keep it dusty.


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