Friday, 24 April 2015

Crumplstock 2015 - The Internet DJ Weekender

Starting this evening is a unique listening experience.
It's a music festival that you can attend from anywhere in the world.
Crumplstock 2015 is an Internet DJ Weekender consisting of three days of mashups and Hip Hop on two stages.
This has been running previously but with just the one 'stage' - Crumplbangers. This year the Vinyl Injury Unit crew is joining in the provide music for the second stage. Crumplbangers are notorious for their mad, chaotic music mashups while Vinyl Injury are strictly hip hop and funk.

How does it work?
Start by visiting the main festival page and you'll see a rundown of all the acts performing, times and stages.
Click on one of the stages and you'll be able to see a list and clickable links of the artists/DJs.
When you click on one of them their corresponding Mixlr (broadcasting app) will appear to the right and when the time comes will begin playing their set.
There will only ever be TWO sets available at any one time, obviously as there are only TWO stages. You can flick between the two if you wish - not however when the ABU set is on! Each act gets one hour to shine and it can be anything from a pre-recorded set to live dj set or an hour of random noises, it's a totally free experience - although fitting into the parameters of 'hip hop' or 'mashup'. And a few djs are doing video streams as well.

Below is the running list for the Vinyl Injury Stage. This promises to be a nice few days.
It'd be great if you could tune in for a few of the sets. Oh, and there is a chatroom too so you can mingle with other like-minded people.

It all kicks off at 6pm!

  • ---------------------------------------------------------------------
  • Day 1 - Friday 24th
  • ---------------------------------------------------------------------
  • 18:00 -Brian Emery (Funky Friday) (Canada)
  • 19:00 -DJ Demented Man (UK)
  • 20:00 -DJ Bhose (Germany)
  • 21:00 -RJ Scratch (London)
  • 22:00 -DJ Dren (33 Throwdown) (UK)
  • 23:00 -Myk Apache Throwdown (UK)
  • 0:00 -Patti Astor (Fun Gallery/Wildstyle) (NYC/California)

  • ---------------------------------------------------------------------
  • Day 2 - Saturday 25th
  • ---------------------------------------------------------------------
  • 18:00- DJ Cougar (Maine)
  • 19:00- Death Hop (Not Australia)
  • 20:00- Juice MC's -Live Video link (UK)
  • 21:00- Chrome (B-Line/Deftex) (UK)
  • 22:00- DJ Shan (Trax FM) (London)
  • 23:00- Repo 136 (Ageing B-boys Unite!) (UK)
  • 0:00- Johnny Juice (UZN/Public Enemy) (NYC)
  • 1:00- Laz-ee (Plastic Attack:RTE) (Dublin)


Anonymous said...

Some great music, really good to hear the different DJs styles and music choices one after the other. Well done the Crumply massive and cheers Repo for posting the info

John Dough said...

Aaaah fuck, I'm sorry as hell I missed this event. I was getting Mixlr alerts all night on my phone and never gave it another thought. Kinda kickin' me'self now, looks like it was a blast.

Repo said...

Word on the street is that there may be another one in as little as only 3 months away.

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