Thursday, 16 April 2015

Sunny Tunes: Dumpster Funk Collection

Some years ago whilst I used to be a regular and active member of the Old School Hip Hop Board forum one of the guys posted a mix he'd done featuring old funk tunes.
In time this has become my 'go-to' grab-bag of summer funk tracks whenever the sunshine shows it's face. I don't know why but these songs demand to be heard on a lazy, sweltering afternoon. It just sounds better.

Put together by a guy by the name of R-CHECKA, this mainly instrumental collection of cool cuts is mixed splendidly - not beat-match mixing but just played one after another with each song complimenting the next.
Funk breaks, hard soul and the occasional vocal snatch from a Blaxploitation film all combine to make your listening experience one of sublime lushness.

Download them here:

Dumpster Funk 1, Disc 1, Part 1
rchecka - dumpster funk 1 disc 1 pt.1.mp3 (27.78MB) 

Dumpster Funk 1, Disc 1, Part 2
rchecka - dumpster funk 1 disc 1 pt.2.mp3 (37.56MB)

Dumpster Funk 1, Disc 2
rchecka - dumpster funk 1 disc 2.mp3 (109.98MB) 

Dumpster Funk, 2. 

Tracklisting (taken from

disc 1

part 1

01 intro/harlem underground band-ain’t no sunshine
02 harlem river drive-harlem river drive
03 johnny pate-end theme
04 blackbyrds-love is love
05 young-holt unlimited-soulful strut
06 jbs-hot pants road
07 kool and the gang-funky man (live at the sex machine)
08 the dakaris-super afro-beat
09 first choice-love thang
10 gaz-sing sing
11 rhythm heritage-theme from s.w.a.t

part 2

12 bobbi humphrey-chicago, damn
13 roy ayres-king george
14 johnny pate-bucktown
15 billy brooks-40 days
16 ronnie laws-all the time
17 cymande-rickshaw
18 les baxter-hogin’ machine
19 carl holmes-black bag
20 mandrill-fence walk
21 donald byrd-dominoes
22 willie hutch-brothers gonna work it out
23 harold melvin and the blue notes-tell the world how i feel about cha’ baby

disc 2

01(intro)r-checka-black exploitation (voice bits taken from “The Spook Who Sat By the Door-Soundtrack”)
02 rudy van moore-the hitman
03 galt macdermot-harlem medley
04 solomon burke-cool breeze
05 curtis mayfield-the underground
06 sabu martinez-afro temple
07 bwana-lu jurumba
08 antonio pinto and ed cortes-na rua, na chuva, na fazenda (taken from “City of God-Soundtrack”)
09 mc-in my life
10 dorothy ashby-come live with me
11 bohonnon-save their souls
12 kenny burke-risin to the top
13 al green-still in love with you
14 willie hutch-the mark of the beast
15 madlib-steppin again
16 donald byrd-steppin into tomorrow
17 (outro)herbie hancock-the pickup  

(N.b. No tracklisting for Dumpster Funk 2). 

For more from R-CHECKA go to his Mixcrate page which is here:

1 comment:

rchecka said...

Wassup Repo! I always read your blog and I stumbled upon this today. That's really cool. I'm honored that you reupped these mixes, thanks for sharing this!

I'd be happy to share the track listing for DF2, here it is.

Dumpster Funk 2 Track Listing:

1. Everything I Do Gonna Be Funky - Lee Dorsey
2. I A'int Got Nobody - Sly And the Family Stone
3. Dig Her Walk - Young Holt Unlimited
4. Walk on Judge - Soul Partners
5. I'll Pay You Back - Magic Sam
6. Sock it To 'em Soul Brother- Bill Moss
7. Good & Funky - James Barnes & The Agents
8. Crazy Legs - Donald Austin
9. Pabst Blue Ribbon Soul Town Music - Kenyon & Eckhart
10. Ain't No Sunshine - Eddy Senay
11. Gotta Be Funky - Bobby Rush
12. Gettin Funky 'Round Here - Black Nasty
13. House Of Rising Funk - The Chubukos
14. Bouncing Around - Floyd Morris & Company
15. The Breakdown (Part 1) - Rufus Thomas
16. Sumpin Heavy - The Boys In The Band
17. Gangster Boogie Bump - Willie Henderson
18. Touch - The Rhythm Makers
19. Five On The Black Hand Side - Keisa Brown
20. There Was A Time - The Dee Felice Trio
21. Theme From Enter The Dragon - Dennis Coffey
22. Rock - Yamaha International Corporation
23. It's Just Begun - Jimmy Castor Bunch
24. Let's Put It Together - A Different Bag
25. Who Is He And Who Is He To You - Creative Source
26. What Does It Take To Turn You On - Sons Of Slum
27. I Can't Go On - Truth
28. Potatoes - Claude & Samuel
29. I'll Take Those Skinny Jeans - Syl Johnson
30. Pabst Blue Ribbon Soul Town Music - Kenyon & Eckhart
31. Sanford & Son Theme - Quincy Jones
32. Just Chillin Out - Bernard Wright
33. The Naughty Cheerleader - Independent International Pictures

Just for fun, HERE is the "label zoom" track listing for the mix where you can see the 45 labels.

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