Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Flashformer For Sale On Ebay

Do you know what a Flashformer is?

It is an electrical device that when hooked up to your mixer and turntables allows you to perform seamless transformer scratches by simply pressing a couple of buttons.
Also it was created and designed by Grandmaster Flash.

I bought one back in hmmmmm, 1988? 1989? I thought it was a bit clunky personally and I seem to remember that the whole sound level dipped whenever you tried to transform. Maybe I didn't hook it up correctly.
Nevertheless I soon moved onto a Citronic mix shortly afterwards which included 'Punch' buttons on either side of the x-fader. This was a lot easier and I loved it. Annoyingly though it made me rely too much on the buttons and I pretty much left the x-fader alone for scratching not good for my important, formative scratch years.
I also remember pouring a tonne of WD-40 into that mixer as well to keep the faders smooth.Then one day I tipped the mixer on it's front to fiddle about with the cables and a load of gunky liquid began to start coming out of the front. Ahh, happy days.

Anyway, if you'd still like your own Flashformer then there's one available on (UK) Ebay now the next four days or so with an odd starting bid of £92. Just click here.

The Seller ("flashlite23") also has a great-looking copy of Joe Conzo/Buddy Esquire's BORN IN THE BRONX book (unopened) for sale. Sadly, it's a little out of my price range. However if anyone else has one then I'll gladly swap my own Flashformer for one, haha.

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