Friday, 30 May 2008

Some old bits of hip hop history

I've just come back after a stay at my folks' place and came away with a car full of crap as always. Some gems were found after going through my various files as you can see.
I was always a bit geeky/obsessive in my youth about collecting various pieces of information be it from newspaper or magazine cuttings or recording a quick piece of hip hop-related features off the tv.
I'm currently converting some old hip hop documentaries to dvd which I recorded in the early 1990's such as Bombin', Beat This!-A Hip Hop History, Looking For The Perfect Beat (a South Bank Show special), The Hip Hop Years (a Channel 4 three-parter) as well as little bits and doodads.
I haven't the means to upload video via my pc so they'll stay on dvd for the time being. I will however be putting them on ebay when I'm done - probably £5/$10 for a 4-hour dvd.
Tell you what I would love to see again and that's Bad Meaning Good, the Westwood-produced documentary which was shown on BBC around 1987. I used to have it until some skank never returned it. Blood wars baby, blood wars!
As regards to the images above; the first one is an official Westwood N-Sign Radio beatbox sticker (see previous Westwood post); the second is a cutting from Radio Times magazine about Roger Johnson, inaugural winner of DMC 1985 and -ex dj to pot-bellied, soap-dodging, baseball cap-wearing-to-cover-bald-spot, failed hip hop dj, Dave Pearce; the third is a cutting from Echoes (I think?) for a Sindecut event; and the last one is a treat. It's a typical scaremongering feature from the never-unpredictable UK tabloid The Daily Mail about the scourge of graffiti writers in England (who are all black, apparently). The reporting here is worthy of the Nobel Prize.Just click on the pics to view them in lovely large-o-vision. Unless you can already view them, Superman.

1 comment:

battlechasers said...

i have bad meaning good already converted to dvd..
i will see if i can up it to google video or rip it and put it up on megaupload or something

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