Monday, 5 May 2008

Coming up this week!

Just to let you know that sometime this week I shall begin to post the entire Streetsounds Electro series (including the specials).
However, the key word here is 'gradually'. Or even, 'sporadically'. I don't want to be tied down with deadlines thanks so they will appear as and when. Maybe I'll get crazy and post loads up at once. Ha,ha let's not get carried away, shall we?

They'll be going up via Rapidshare as I have an account with them so the files will still stay active for EVER! (you have to say the word 'for ever!' as CAP would say it to get the full effect ;-) ).

I'm looking forward to this venture as I'll have the opportunity to listen to them all again in full and add a short critique. The rose-tinted specs will unfortunately not be present so as to give a non-biased review.

Watch the riiiiiiiiide!!! as Westwood says. Or used to say. I wouldn't know, I don't listen to that bloke any more.


Scoot P said...

Nice appraisal on the 1st electro volume - will look forward to the rest.

Benzini said...

Cheers, Scoot. I've been a bit slack with this project as of late but will definitely be posting Electro 3 this week.

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