Friday, 9 May 2008

Mr T's B-Boy Steps

If, like me, you regard Mr T as something of a role model - I also pity the fool that doesn't drink his milk - then you may have a chuckle at this little gem.
In the mid-Eighties Mr T was everywhere due to his popularity in The A Team. He released videos, songs, books, the whole shizzle. So who knows what the story behind this is.
I like the passer-by's first reaction to the little kid.


m71 said...

I never saw that video (the title slips my aging B Boy brain) when it first came out but I read about it on the internet a few years ago and got to see it. It has (if I'm not mistaken) Martika on it along with a delightful immersion into 80's fashions and hair styles. If you should stumble upon it check it out if for nothing else Mr. T's rapping. They should definitely re-release that on DVD.

Mista Dobalina said...

That kids got skills!!! This is so corny but its cool because of Mr T.

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