Thursday, 22 May 2008

Steinski meets Coldcut

As promised, here is the Kiss 100FM interview with Steinski on Coldcut's Solid Steel Show. This dates back to 29th March 1992 and features all Steinski's tracks plus some extra goodies.


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the saucer people said...

Only two years after you posted it do you get a request for a re-post! Of course the link is long dead which is a real shame as I am a huge Steinski fan though my introduction was back in 86 or 87 when the NME gave away a four track single with "The Motorcade Sped On" and I just fell in love with that track (still my favourite Steinski track) and then came the Lessons!

Would really appreciate it if you could repost this and the short tape you won as a prize on Solid Steel! I know...I know...why didn't I find this two years ago! Thats the question I am asking myself!

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