Friday, 9 May 2008

Grand Theft Auto 4

So it's finally out. And if the press is anything to go by it's the worst/greatest/most offensive/highly-detailed video game in history.
It'll be a while before I purchase this game, not for moral reasons but purely a financial one. Y'see I don't yet own a PS3 but I bought a Wii at Christmas so I can't really justify/afford buying yet another console only 5 months later. Also I want to get the new Mario Kart for my Wii. I used to play the SNES version something like 15 years ago and that was the most fun I ever had with my clothes on.
GTA4 though, I'm trying not to watch any footage on Youtube.
Well its not working. I've already seen some and I'm just blown away.
I remember when I first saw GTA3 and I couldn't believe it. The graphics, storyline, radio stations, speech, pedestrian and cops A.I. were mindblowing. Then Vice City was the absolute BOMB! Being a fan of Scarface meant that this was a whole lot more than just a video game. And of course when San Andreas dropped my life was gone for 3 months.
I'm revisiting San Andreas at the moment after finishing the abomination which was GTA Vice City Stories. I'm a GTA completist so had to get the 'add-on' games (GTA Liberty City Stories being the other). These were pretty rubbish and although they came out after SA, didn't use the same engine so they were pretty poor graphics-wise, although everything else was okay - and the 'stories' were crap, too.
So have you played GTA4 yet? Do you love it or hate it? Maybe someone can add such a mesmerizing comment that I'll just have to drop everything and rush out and buy a PS3 today!
Oh, and have a look at this. It's not a journo from the Daily Mail although it should be. Just makes me want to buy it even more.

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