Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Brotherhood EP

This is for DJ Diablo. It's The Brotherhood EP from 1991 as requested.

The tracklisting goes like this:

01  Intro
02  Descendants Of The Holocaust
03  Rips In The Fabric
04  Just A Manifestor
05  Drivin'

Download Link

If anyone is holding a copy of the Descendants Of The Holocaust REMIX as well then please let us know, too.

I want to send a massive shout to Marc aka Skyrock STS for blessing us with this. Please go and check out his music productions which are great slabs of instrumental funkiness and remixes. I'm really digging this one below with some very cool organ over a wicked drum break.

Also I want to send an almighty ABU shout to all the fam who offered to help with this. You know who you are and it gives me a warm fuzzy feeling to know how deep we roll. Respect.


Lovegrove said...

Cheers Ben... I've grabbed this too!

Mista WARZ!!! said...

I meant to mention that I'd got a rip of The Brotherhood EP, but then forgot. Soz.
Is the remix that your looking for "Descendents Of The Holocaust (Turmoil Mix)" by any chance?
Cuz I've got a rip of that 12".

Mista WARZ!!! said...

Duh, I've just noticed the Discogs link. Yup I've got the Remix 12" if ya still need it?

Rebel I said...

BIG Big Up for this!!! If you can get the remix too that would be incredible. Nuff Respect!

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