Saturday, 22 September 2012

UK Rap Flood - Tap Now Turned Off

A while back I put up this post with links to downloads of a whole load of UK singles.
They weren't MY uploads and as I mentioned in the post, I FOUND them out there already floating around on the internet.
Most if not all of these links are now dead. I didn't bother to download any myself which was a pretty dumb move on my part I'll admit. However, recently there's been some interest in certain titles from the list so if anyone has the following up for grabs then please get in touch or post the link in the comments.

  • Outlaw Posse - Party / Outlaws In Effect
  • Ronin Inc - In The Mix
  • Cut 2 Kill - Jus' Coolin'

Also I had an email from a founding member of The Brotherhood (previously Son Of Funk), DJ Diablo who is desperately after an mp3 of the Descendants Of The Holocaust EP and the Desecendants remix single that came out shortly after.
Am I the only one thinking of the old JR Hartley Yellow Pages ad...?

If you can help out then please, please get in touch.


Ray Vaughn said...

I'm sure I have the Descendants Of The Holocaust 12" somewhere, will have to dig it out and get it ripped!

Agent Finch said...

I have the DESCENDANTS OF THE HOLOCAUST EP Ben... just need to convert it to mp3 bro.

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