Thursday, 6 September 2012

Disco Scratch Is Back!

The summer holidays are now officially over. Disco Scratch is ready and raring to go - and not before time, too. Our Thursdays can now have some routine to them which is a breath of fresh air as these past few weeks have been a free-for-all with no structure.

I'll let your host, Waxer, take the reigns:

Yes indeedy, after 6 weeks off, stressed out parenting B Boys & B Girls the world over have been inundating the Desk Of Villainy with millions of requests asking when the show is back… I have lost count of the amount of pairs of knickers I have had posted to me in attempt to get me back on air… countless presents left at my door, like Neo in The Matrix
Well, your dreams have been answered, tonight at 9PM GMT, myself & probably both the Normans will be darkening your ears with another 2 hours of tuneage & banter to bring order to your worlds of school-runs, making packed lunches, ironing uniforms & finding out once they’re at school you’ve left the tags on etc, etc…
Join us all tonight as we welcome in the new season on Disco Scratch at 9PM GMT, see you in the chatroom:

So that's 9pm tonight at
And of course it goes without saying that we hope that there is a large percentage of Street Sounds-related tracks played tonight as ABU! is on Morgan's crotch. Well, aren't we? 


Mista WARZ!!! said...

Yo Repo, any idea when the D/L links gonna available?
I couldn't listen in live cuz I was out on the piss and I need to listen to the show when I'm at work. Yours n Waxers shows get me thru those nightshifts for real.

Repo said...

Sup Warz lad!
I usually Hijack the show when it goes out live.
Not sure when Waxer will stick up the Official download but if you want to grab my version then feel free:

BTW just finishing up listening to you & Jemze's UK Break To The Beat collection. Mad props for these. Truly a work of love gone into compiling them.

Mista WARZ!!! said...

Cheerz matey, much appreciated.

Speaking of UK breaks to the beat, there has arisen a small debate in the comments of the aforementioned post surrounding the break used on 'Mighty Ethnicz - Harmony Hall'.

I believe the debate began here.... with Moyinka and then migrated to my blog via Mike Check.

The break is really, REALLY familiar but I just can't seem to place it. I was wondering if you had any clue?
it is proper driving me nuts now.

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