Sunday, 9 September 2012

UK Originals - Mighty Ethnicz

It's da Style Warrior, y'all
There's two reasons why I'm posting about the above group.
The first is that I need remind you that there are only SEVEN more days for you to purchase your special edition Mighty Ethnicz tee from the supreme UK-flavoured garment designer, Style Warrior.
As you should already know, LG takes a legendary British hip hop logo and puts his own spin on it and manufactures only the best quality garments.
For all the details go straight to the source here.
But whatever you do, don't go to The Source - it's shit.

The second reason I'm talking about da Ethnicz is because I need to pick your collective brains.
I'm sure you're all familiar with their single 'Harmony Hall', yes? Well what I need to know is the break used on the track. If anyone knows then please let ME know as recently this got into my head via WARZ and to him via the Breaka Down boys. It's a familiar-sounding break and I'm sure some of the ABU! fam will know it. If not then yah-boo, it's in YOUR head now. Oooosh!

Check the video below and see if you can remind yourself what that break to the beat is.....


Mista WARZ!!! said...

That break spreads like a goddamn infection, soooo familiar. Top work on the post, Repo, Let's hope it yields an answer.

And those Bode/Ethnicz Tee's look tastey too.

Lovegrove said...

Cheers for the continued support Ben.

The original track is 'Never let you go' by 'The Dramatics'.

Killer tune.

Mista WARZ!!! said...

Top, TOP work, Lovegrove. My mind is now resting easy. Thank fuck.

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