Monday, 7 July 2008

Bad Meaning Good (1987)

I've managed to get the whole 31 minutes of the classic Tim Westwood-produced Bad Meaning Good from that ugly step-child that is Google Video.
Now it's been a (bad meaning) good 16 or so years since I last saw this programme and whilst watching it again I was amazed at how much I could remember, word for word.
The scene (02:07) when the camera not-very-Steadi-cam's its way in the biblical Groove Records a tear was shed from Mr Benzini's eyes. And I think I got a boner.

Also look out for:

02:39.....Woah, Darryl McDaniels, you've let yourself go a bit!

05:43.....Rev Run Forgets Own Lyrics Shocker! Err, taxi cab? No, it's 'car' you fool. You know it. You wrote it. Holy Jebus.

05:52.....This is THE scene for me. DJ Fingers cutting up Isaac Hayes is the one bit I have been looking forward to seeing again. But why 'It's Not Unusual', Fingers? Why? Did Tim make you?

15:08.....The start of the Graf section. Rebel Without A Pause, here we go.

22:28.....Westwood at LWR. And a pre-pubescent Trevor Nelson, too. Note the shot of the Big Mac casually lying amongst the studio equipment. Yeah, they know it, it's anti-establishment, it's edgy, it might raise a few eyebrows, even rustle a few feathers. Radio 1 couldn't get away with that type of behaviour. They're pirates. And they damn well know it.

25:16.....Sipho freestyle. Sadly no longer with us, but who remembers him back in Electro Rock? And what about that rumour about him and Bambaataa?

And looking at the end credits I see a Richard Reyes as Stills Photographer. I'm sure I used to see his name in HHC in the early 1990's.

This is I think, the UK's best hip hop documentary and like Style Wars, was made in a time that seemed so full of excitement, potential and rawness in hip hop's formative years.

*** There appears to be a problem viewing embedded Google Videos at the moment so click here to see it directly from source ***


Sway said...

cool blog dude

Sway said...

by the way it's not sway, it's fat lace lol

Marc said...

Agree about the Fingers comments; what Isaac Hayes track was he using? I've waited 20 years to see that again!

Benzini said...

Hi Marc,

Yep, that Fingers scene rules the doc as far as I'm concerned.
You need to get a copy (or preferably two) of Isaac Hayes' To Be Continued album, flip over to Ike's Mood I on the b-side, select 45rpm and just melt as the break takes you away.

orangutanklaus said...

awesome to see that again!but...does anyone know where i can get that in a "not that bad" quality??? help needed desperately...

Marc said...

Embarrassed that it has taken me so long to come back and say thanks for the tip-off! Speeding up the track threw me a bit in the past.

What a break!

Thanks for your help.

Anonymous said...

Show's how much a complete tool that Westwood is. The fact that B-Boying was completely dropped, but rapping, djing and graffiti were left in. I knew plenty of b-boys in '87 still breakin'.

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