Friday, 25 July 2008

Chevy Chase - graffiti artist?

I'm currently reading Chevy Chase's biography and it mentions some highly interesting facts concerning the early 1970's graffiti art scene.
Did you know that his half-brother, John Cederquist, used to belong in two major crews; RTW (Rolling Thunder Writers) along with (Eric)HAZE, MIN ONE, REVOLT & ZEPHYR; and The Soul Artists.
He used to write CRUNCH - and here's a factoid for y'all, go and check your copy of SUBWAY ART, flip to the back cover and there it is, second one down, in the middle.

Tickled me, anyway.

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Waxer said...

Can I just say that I subscribed to your blog as soon as I knew about it, maybe a month or so ago? I love it and always enjoy your posts. I am 36, brought up in towns in and around POrtsmouth and started popping & locking in 1982.

I am your exact target audience, and by Crikey you make a middle aged man happy! Keep up the good work and if you have time check my site out, we do a radio show on a Wednesday night, G2 has got all the new stuff and he started getting into it in the golden era, and I spin the good old stuff and a breaks selection, I'll deffo be mentioning your blog this next week!

Thanks again, all the best, Waxer.

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