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Monday, 28 July 2008

Simon Harris - Bass How Low Can You Go (1988)

So who remembers this little beauty, then? Showing yer age, you are!
As you may know I am a fan of the cut-n-paste hip hop genre so this ditty from Music Of Life's big cheese was a no-brainer when it came out twenty years ago.

However there was a remix which kicked Simon's rear all over the place and that was the "Bass Below Zero Mix" by DJ Streetsahead. Check it out if you can.

And talking of DJ Streetsahead, his remix ("The Final Mixdown") for James Brown's Payback 12" from the same year is a monster. I need to find that again.

Anyway check the vid below and play spot-the-hip-hop-celeb. Even Westwood shows his mug! Actually, is that Dave Pearce in the baseball jacket just before the Big Dog at 2min:55s?

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Amo ergo sum said...


Great blog! (B-boy 4 life!) I have added you to my extensive link list at: http://music-favourites.blogspot.com/

Please add me as well to your links. Also dont hesitate to use the shoutbox and give me three tags to describe/ promote your blogs.

Keep the good stuff rollin'. Bundling our powers will help to open the ears of the world. Soon we own the world ;)

Peace, love and music,

Amo (ergo sum).

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