Sunday, 13 July 2008

D.E.F. Momentum & Old Skool Jointz

I have to give a shout out to two blogs that are worth spending some serious time on.

First up is Def D's D.E.F. Momentum which since I discovered it has enriched my hard drive no end.

What D.E.F. Momentum provides is all the lost and many obscure 12"s in mp3 form that you just don't and can't find any where else on the web. You should appreciate that by their existence, 12" singles are going to be more plentiful than their album counterparts so there are a lot more 12"s than albums to be ripped.

Also if you're a cinematic b-boy, check out the blog where you can find Style Wars, Who's The Man, Krush Groove, Wild Style and many others for your downloading pleasure.

And anyone who can name their blog after one of my favourite electro singles of all time must have good taste, right?

Next up is a blog which has been really busy as of late. Produced by a guy by the name of Warlord, Old Skool Jointz is a blog featuring oodles and oodles of hip hop albums that you just know you wished you should've bought at the time.

For a taste of what to expect just check out this little list:

Has that whetted your appetite?

Both of these Blogs are doing some serious business and they should have your full support. Your mp3 player will be very proud of you.


CaliKid said...

thanks for the info, I'll be sure to check it out!

Anonymous said...

The links doesn´t work, please can you fix it!?

Benzini said...

Sadly Old Skool Jointz is no longer going. However Warlord is on the case with another blog
Unfortunately this one is by invite only......

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