Friday, 4 July 2008

Pete Rock & CL Smooth - All Souled Out (EP) (1991)

Harking back to the Golden Age ™, when every other record had a Pete Rock remix, I present to you the first sightings of the man.

Each track is a nice big ole fat slab of Mr Rock at his best and together with CL Smooth (the 'C' stands for Corey but what about the 'L'?) in the mic it's a solid partnership. Any 12" from the first album is worth picking up.
With so much good stuff just oozing out of each track they are one of my happiest memories of this era.


A1 Good Life (3:53)

A2 Mecca & The Soul Brother (5:59)

A3 Go With The Flow (4:55)

B1 The Creator (4:43)

B2 All Souled Out (5:27)

B3 Good Life (Group Home Mix) (3:55)


GrooveEssentials said...

Man I loved this EP... Love Pete Rock & C.L. as well. Mecca & The Soul Brother will always be one of my favorite hip hop albums... I had been looking for this particular EP for a while because I heard "The Creator" was tight... and it was. Great up man, definitely adding this to my favorite blogs list. You should have a look around mine some time too... I post some blues and jazz but I throw in the occasional hip hop album as well, but nothing newer than 1992 or so.

Thanks again!

Benzini said...

I hear what you're saying, it really is one of the all-time greatest hip hop records.

I've just checked your site and there's some nice albums on there. Artists like Stanley Turrentine, Jimmy Smith and Tom Scott (with the classic Pete Rock break). I'll visit often as I like those mellow sounds.

Thomas said...

Nice joint. What is the password?

Benzini said...


There isn't a password for the All Souled Out joint, it should open without prompting for one.
I just checked again and it isn't password-protected. If you're still having problems let me know and I'll re-up for ya.



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